The Most Awaited Review For MacBook 12in M7

Are you looking for a new laptop? If yes, then check out the newly launched macbook 12in m7. The features of this laptop have made a boom in the industry. From the technology used in the laptop to its outlook and outstanding features, it is a top-choice product as technology. It belongs to the latest series of MacBook Pro. Let’s now introduce you to the details of this MacBook.

An overview of the macbook 12in m7

The MacBook comes with a smart design that persuades people to choose it. Also, its lightweight allows you to carry it everywhere. With high resolution, you get to see high-quality images and videos. Similarly, its performance is always considered as the fast-performing MacBook. The credit goes to its fast processor. You can use the MacBook 12 in as much as you want as its fully charged battery allows it to work for ten hours continuously.

A guide to the features of the Macbook 

Below are some features of the macbook.

The sleek outlook and lightweight

What makes this MacBook hype is all about its features. The most attractive feature that wins over people’s hearts is the sleek design and lightweight. What makes the laptop reduce its portability is its heavy weight. When a laptop is heavy, you cannot carry it everywhere; instead, you keep it over the workstation. However, with this macbook, you can take it anywhere without feeling stressed about its weight.

It weighs at most 2 pounds. Similarly, can you guess its size? It is something which fits into your palm. Yes, it’s that small. The macbook comes with an aluminum casing which provides it with perfect protection.

Fast processor

The 12 in macbook has an Intel core m7 processor, one of the fastest processors. Also, the core comes with a frequency of 1.3GHz. It allows you to multitask with the apps and doesn’t lag behind its performance. So, you can use the internet, email, or any other powerful app side by side.

Great battery life

MacBook battery timings are what people want to know. That’s because work productivity reflects the battery timings of your device. If the battery lasts long hours, so your work productivity always boosts. Otherwise, you would be frustrated using it, and frequently recharging it can lack your work interest. The book 12in m7 comes with a battery that could last for at least 10 hours.

Screen size and resolution

This macbook 12 inch comes with a great screen size and about 12-inch display. Hence, the display size is perfect for you to view pictures on a 16:9 ratio. The next feature to discuss is its graphics resolution. The macbook comes with an advanced graphic driver that provides a high-quality resolution.

A wide keypad 

The manufacturers have designed the perfect size for the keypad to give you the best experience.

Sound quality

It offers you a crisp and clear sound audible to you very much. The stereo speakers come along with the microphone, which is built in already. For more features, visit Tech Bloggerly

Giant storage for your data

The k 12in m7 has a great storage of 256GB. This storage is perfect for you to save and download apps, pictures, videos, etc. In addition, the hard drive storage is different from this storage. It lies between 850 to 950 megabytes. You might wonder the macbook is so thin, but it has abundant storage.

An amazing price range

You will be surprised if you compare the price set of 12 inch macbook! The manufacturers have reduced the price of the MacBook to approximately $1300, which is affordable. With so many advanced and improved features, the price is always ok to buy.

Some drawbacks of the macbook

Every device comes with some advantages and some flaws. It is up to the user’s choice if they overcome its flaws over the advantages of the device. Hence, let’s discuss some drawbacks of purchasing the ok 12in m7. 

The low capability of graphic processor

Although you have read that this MacBook is a multitasking pro, it is not always true. Sometimes the graphic processor is incapable of handling all the tasks at the same time. Also, it might need more advancements to do the job correctly.

Insufficient number of ports

Ports are always necessary whenever you are using a laptop, MacBook etc. However, this particular MacBook has few ports. Instead, you would find only two ports in it. One port is for the C-type USB connection, and the other is a jack for your headphones. Hence, it restricts you from connecting two USBs or a data cable simultaneously. It could be very tough for people who need to connect two cables or USBs from the ook 12in m7 at the same time.

Battery life

Although, it comes with a great battery life which was mentioned previously, about 10 hours. However, those with previous macbook models would agree that this battery life is lower than earlier.


The macbook 12in m7 is an excellent device for you to purchase. Its outclass features give you fast performance and highly defined graphics. It is one of the best portable laptops so far.

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