Ultimate Access To Videos And Audios Through Y2 Mate

Browsing the internet videos is a common practice that almost every person does. The most approachable platform for online videos is YouTube. However you can stream the videos online, but the most challenging part of using this platform is the limited access to download videos. Along with that, you cannot download the audio from the video. Therefore, the y2 mate com is the best youtube downloder for downloading audio and video. Do you want to know more about it? Then, you should read the blog ahead to clarify all your doubts about it. Let’s begin with the blog.

An intro to the Y2 mate tool

Most of the time, downloading a video is more of a necessity than just viewing it online. The reason behind this is the limited access to internet connectivity. Therefore, saving the videos and audio offline in the device is a better approach. Using this software tool, you can easily access this approach and enjoy unlimited media offline; without an internet connection.

The youtube to mp3 converter — y2mate is a new boom to the industry. It is considered a software tool that helps extract audio and even videos from the social media platform; YouTube. Do you know why this tool gained popularity within a short time? That’s because of its extraordinary features that allow the users to do the downloading task without facing any complications.

It comes with its simplest interface, and the use of this is fun. Its simple and easy-to-use interface allows the users to make a quick youtube video download — mp4. Sometimes, you can download more than one video; then, you can access multiple videos downloading simultaneously using this software. It would allow you to manage the ongoing downloading process easily.

Then, no matter what format the video follows, you can easily download it through this youtube audio downloader onlineThe tool doesn’t compromise the quality of videos. Hence, you can fully enjoy the audio or video at the original high quality.

You often require different preferences for the downloading of these videos. For this, you shall enable the feature of customization. It allows you to set specific locations where the downloaded stuff gets saved. Next, to download youtube mp3 audio and mp4 video freeyou can manage its quality too. Along with that, you can even alter the speed at which the media downloads.

It also allows the users to edit the downloaded video using the edition tool. There are no worries if you want youtube mp4 download video with subtitles. With the download subtitle option, you can download the subtitles in English and in other languages.

Another thing to consider is that this y2 mate .com convert mp3 software always preserves video copyrights.

The steps involved in downloading the video with the y2 mate

To access the yt downloader, follow the steps below.

Download the software

The first step towards downloading begins with the installation of y2 mate.com software. You can easily avail it on any device you use, whether Android or IOS.

Approach its interface

After the software downloads, you will come across its interface. The well-defined and structured interface would surely impress its users.

You will then check for the y2.mate search bar at the top of the page, but before approaching this step, open YouTube. For the video you want to save on the device, search for it. Then copy its link. Now, paste this link into the search bar of the software. Press the start button. Then, move to the next step, about the customizable feature in the Youtube download mp3.

The customizable setting for the download

Below the search bar, you will approach the setting option. Yes, this option allows you to change the preferences for the mp3 youtube download. Now, select the quality, format of the video, downloading speed, etc. Once you are satisfied with e desired setting for the download, move next.


Now, click on the download button. Within seconds you will come across the results. After the downloading process, open the folder of the downloaded stuff. Hence the saved file would belong to the location where you have saved the file.

For more information regarding downloading the videos, click on Tech Bloggerly.

A mini guide to downloading audio

Almost all the steps resemble the steps of downloading the videos from youtube to mp3 converter –y2 mate.

Search for the audio

On YouTube, search for the audio you want to download. Then, paste that video’s copied link into the en y2 mate video downloader tool’s search bar for audio extraction. 

Set the customizable setting

After pasting the link, set the custom setting like quality, format for the audio, etc. Hence, it is entirely customizable according to the choice of the user.

Start downloading

Press the start downloading button and let the youtube downloader mp3 know where you want it to save the audio file. Thus, after the audio downloads, open the device’s library where it is kept and play it.


You might come across various tools for downloading audio and videos from YouTube. However, the ytmate is the best youtube download and video converter — for downloading stuff. The quality of its download is always up to the preferences set by the users. Also, its easy-to-use interface allows everyone to access this y2 mate is video download tool easily. 

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